It's finally getting cool here in the South - in more than one way. Yesterday, we received a visit from some incredibly nice people from Blue Bell! They came to our building yesterday afternoon and threw us a little ice cream party. We were able to taste four of their fall and holiday ice cream flavors.


There was Fudge Divinity, which we decided tasted like s'mores. We weren't too far off! The base was marshmallow ice cream and it was full of chocolaty fudge swirls.

Christmas Cookie, which was my second favorite of the four, tasted exactly like cookies with tiny mint pieces and chunks of snickerdoodle cookie dough. I don't know about you, but snickerdoodles are my favorite holiday cookie!

Then there was Peppermint. It's a little more self-explanatory, but it's peppermint ice cream with peppermint pieces sprinkled throughout. I didn't personally taste this one because I'd already had a cup of the other three flavors, but I heard from several people that it was their favorite!

My personal favorite was the Spiced Pumpkin Pecan. That really says something because I'm not a huge pumpkin fan and I don't eat nuts, but I almost went back for a second one. I really loved the spices in this ice cream, and there was also a really nice caramel-like swirl. Perfect for fall!


Thanks so much to Blue Bell for giving us a sweet afternoon treat!

Do you eat ice cream during the fall and winter months? What's your favorite flavor?