This weekend was my daughter's first birthday, and we celebrated in rare form by smoking an entire pork shoulder on the grill and watching the Alabama and Auburn football games on tv. Since we don't want her to develop the same intense sugar tooth that my husband and I have, Amy Grace tore into a pumpkin muffin while the adults chowed down on good old birthday cake and ice cream. Not being a super talented baker or a fan of fancy fondant, we went with a classic vanilla and buttercream frosting cake from Publix that I personalized with some storebought decorating gel.

It was, of course, a quick and easy solution, but I was reminded of how great Publix's cakes are. While planning our wedding, a friend raved about a Publix wedding cake she'd had recently, and I was sold. No muss, no fuss, and the wedding cake was picked out on my lunch hour. Plus, it cost far less than the specialty bakeries in town. Not to sound like a commercial, but if you're in need of a cake for anything from a birthday to a golden anniversary celebration or wedding, check out their selection! They may just be humble store-bought cakes, but the taste is a step above the usual grocery store bakery fare.