Who says boozy drinks have to stay on the NSFW list? Just bring your favorite summer sip to the office in a clever disguise. Check out a few of our favorite ways to enjoy the best of a beach-ready pina colada without any of that HR "no drinking on the job" nonsense.

All the classic players show up for this breakfast treat: coconut, pineapple, and coconut. We skipped the rum so you could still drive to the gym, but added honey, for an intriguing sweet kick.


It's 3 PM, and the only place you want to be is on a beach--or anywhere that Excel won't work. You can't cut out early (again), but you can take a brief break, if only in your brain. This shake requires a blender, but if you can't sneak one in (or have access to a test kitchen on the floor above you), make the shake ahead and store it in the fridge or freezer until you're ready to dive in.


If your two favorite beach drinks (margs and pina coladas, obvi) had a bar cookie baby, this would be it. These tropical treats are tangy, sweet, and shareable--but only if you want to score some major points at the office.


So yes, there is a small amount of rum in the pound cake portion of this dreamy dessert, but unless your boss has taken to sniffing your treats, you're probably in the clear. Besides, doesn't the alcohol cook out, anyway?


When a crust starts with ginger and coconut flour, you're pretty much guaranteed that it's about to be a perfect bar cookie. Definitely toast the coconut so you get that perfect crunch and deep warm flavor we love so much.


Adding caramel to a pina colada? Game changer. Try it once and you'll be a believer.


Graham cracker crumbs provude a sturdy base for this sweet-meets-tart dessert. The prep is shockingly easy for a cheesecake, making this a great one for baking beginners to try.


Do yourself a favor and read the reviews on this pie. Coworkers, mothers-in-law, and spouses alike rave, and cooks claim it's even better the next day... if it lasts that long.


Save this one for the work-sanctioned happy hour event. Rum-soaked pineapple definitely kicks the kebab up a notch, but Babs from accounting may not be able to handle it.


Into the office-friendly pina colada party? Let us know what cocktail you want us to make safe for work next in the comments below.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel