By Ashley Kappel
March 07, 2016

Cereal and milk? So boring! We've got 8 great ways to use crispy rice cereal that don't risk anyone eating soggy cereal.

Say hello to the perfect cocktail hour appetizer. Crispy cheese wafers are great on their own, or dipped in a savory spread. The key to their flavor? Sharp cheddar. But the texture from the rice cereal is what will keep you coming back for more.

These super rich cereal bars are the perfect after school snack. Pairs perfectly with milk.

Make a classic keep that keeps well. Whip up a batch to indulge a not-too-sweet craving.

Let your imagination run wild with these magic fairy wands. Make a batch while the kids are at school and let them go crazy with the sprinkles when they get home.

Crispy Easter Nests

Classic dessert recipe with a key twist: Shape treats into nests and add egg candies on the top. These are adorable on a cake stand or when used as place cards for seats at your Easter table.

Want to see how to make those adorable Easter Nests? Watch how we did it:

Prepare to declare this savory cracker your new favorite snack. It pairs perfectly with beer and is just snackable enough to keep you coming back for more.

The next time someone tells you you're getting coal in your stocking, tell them to bring it on.

Rice Krispies Treat Neapolitan Cake

Want a not-too-sweet birthday cake? Try this too-cute version instead! Bonus: It's no bake!