By Ashley Kappel
March 29, 2016

Just when you thought mama's secret ingredient really was love, you learn that it's soda.

Grilled Beef Ribs with Smoky-Sweet Barbecue Sauce

Want irresistible ribs? The Chef secret is to braise them in Coca-Cola. You're as shocked as we were, but make them once and you'll be hooked!

Next Thanksgiving, shoo everyone out of the kitchen before you add your secret sauce: cola and maple syrup that have been reduced, then poured over the hot bird before covering it with foil. The result is a tangy, memorable glaze on perfectly crisp skin. The gravy is basically to die for.

The cola in this short rib recipe gives the luscious sauce great body. What more can you ask for? Keep the secret ingredient to yourself and serve at a dinner party.

Ok, maybe this one is mama's secret recipe, but that's ok. It can be your secret now.

Check out the reviews on this sandwich! "The sauce transforms the dish into something spectacular." That's a rave!