Fall is officially here, and the cooler weather has me craving all things comfort food. If you're looking for dinner inspiration this week, I highly suggest trying a classic--yet, in my opinion, highly under-appreciated--dish: chicken cacciatore. The word cacciatore translates to hunter in Italian, and typically refers to a hearty meat dish made with a tomato base and fresh herbs. I suggest serving this rich and satisfying chicken supper over hot, cooked pasta, polenta, or mashed potatoes with a fresh veggie side to round out the plate. Oh, and don't forget the red wine. A nice Cab Sauv would be perfect

Here are 5 variations on classic chicken cacciatore so you can pick the perfect recipe for your family this week.

#1. If you need something speedy:


If you need to get a quick and flavorful meal on the table tonight, you can't beat this saucy chicken entree that comes together from start to finish in just 20 minutes. Feel free to bulk up the veggies by adding sliced onions or an additional bell pepper. Serve over your favorite cooked pasta.

#2. If you're looking for light:


At only 239 calories per serving, this lightened-up version of chicken cacciatore delivers maximum taste with minimum calories. Also ready in a mere 20 minutes, you can't beat it if you're looking for a light and fast supper. Serve over whole-grain pasta.

#3. If you want a hands-off recipe:


This take on chicken cacciatore is cooked low and slow to yield maximum flavor with minimal effort. You'll just need 20 minutes in the kitchen to prep the vibrant, hearty sauce, and then simply let it simmer at home for 8 hours. Once the sauce simmers in the slow cooker, all that's left to do is cook a pound of pasta, and serve.

#4. If you want to avoid an extensive grocery trip:


This simple take on chicken cacciatore requires just 5 ingredients in addition to the chicken and few other staples that you likely already have in your pantry. Simmering the mixture in the slow cooker helps enrich the simple flavor profile.

#5. If you like a little spice:


We add red pepper flakes to the classic dish to amp up the heat. You can serve this bold dish over polenta or pasta. Pro tip: Transform leftovers into a rich, comforting soup. All you have to do is shred the chicken, and place in a pot with the sauce. Add unsalted chicken stock (to thin to your desired consistency), diced zucchini, and diced carrots; simmer until veggies are tender.