You deserve better than mere ketchup and mustard. 

By Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm
June 17, 2016

Ketchup and mustard, we had a great time. It's me, not you, but I think it's time for us to move on—to try different toppings. You understand, right? Good, because these 15 ways to top a hot dog are pretty cool, to say the least. One might even call them ingenious. Check them out:   

1.) Banh Mi: Sriracha Mayonnaise, grated cucumber, thinly sliced peeled cucumber, cilantro, chopped roasted peanuts

2.) Spudnick: Potato salad and thinly sliced scallions

3.) The Cruncher: Coleslaw, crushed potato chips, baked beans, thinly sliced scallions

4.) Crabby Not-PattyCrab salad and sliced avocado

5.) Si, Señor: Mexican-inspired, with red cabbage slaw and sliced avocado (cilantro would be good, too)

6.) Surf's Up (a.k.a. The Hawaiian): Chopped fresh pineapple, red onion, red bell pepper, macadamia nuts, and cilantro, lime juice

7.) So-CalBasil Mayo (mayonnaise mixed with chopped fresh basil), sliced avocado, alfalfa sprouts, thinly sliced radish, roasted sunflower seeds

8.) Farmer's MarketGrilled vegetables (like zucchini and onion), herb aioli, fresh parsley and oregano

9.) En-Thai-Cing: Quick-pickled cucumber and carrots, cilantro, thinly sliced radish, peanut sauce, chopped peanuts

10.) It's Gouda: Shredded Gouda cheese and brown mustard (use a pretzel bun, if you can find it)

11.)  Greek OutCucumber and herb yogurt, shredded romaine lettuce, thinly slice red onion, diced tomato and cucumber, crumbled feta

12.) In a Pickle: Thyme and basil mayonnaise, pickled red onion, crumbled goat cheese, baby arugula (tossed with a little balsamic vinegar)

13.) Curry On: Curried Apricot-and-Tomato Ketchup, chopped fresh mango, diced red onion, cilantro

14.) So Corny: Grilled corn kernels, salsa verde, queso fresco

15.) Nacho problem: Shredded cheddar, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, crumbled tortilla chips