By Ashley Kappel
March 07, 2016

If you thought flour was the most versatile ingredient in your pantry, prepare to be floored. Corn flakes show up time and again on our recipes, in everything from casseroles to fried ice cream to lobster. And at a few dollars a box, it's the most budget-friendly way to add flavor and crunch out there.

Skip buying panko or making your own breadcrumbs (ain't nobody got time for that). A quick dredge in crushed corn flakes seasoned with a few spices is all any nugget needs.

You read that right. These lobster are rocking a crispy corn flake topper. One reviewer had only three words to say, "This is amazing."

These are not your kiddos' nuggets. The hot pepper sauce is just what these wannabe wings called for.

Corn flakes show up in these dunked cookies to add some crunch to the oatmeal batter. These are the perfect cookies to pass off as your signature recipe, complete with secret ingredient.

This peanut butter crunch topper (laced with corn flakes, of course) is perfect on this ooey-gooey cake, but it's also delicious on a warm brownie, over ice cream, or straight out of the bowl.

Using corn flakes on a casserole to add crunch is the oldest trick in the book but even your grandma didn't dream that a simple macaroni and cheese recipe could be this good.

Love fried ice cream but hate frying? Get the same key crunch by rolling your favorite ice cream in this almond-corn flake mixture and letting the treats chill in the freezer.

Some potato casseroles can be too creamy and rich. Cut the weight by adding a texture change: Crunch!

This chicken preps overnight and, no, it's not too high brown for a roll in the corn flakes before it hits the heat.

At $.07 per serving, you can afford to make these every day of the week.

This easy cheesy casserole is a convenience items-lover's dream. Keep the pantry and freezer staples on hand to make it whenever the comfort food cravings hit.

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