Halloween is only a few weeks away, and our brains are on all things spooky and strange. If you've been alive for half a second and know how wacky this world can be, you likely know that there are legitimate phobias out there for essentially anything you can think of. Speaking of the approaching holiday, Samhainophobia is "the fear of Halloween."


While I can generally keep an open mind when it comes to what keeps fellow members of society up at night, once you start getting into food phobias, you enter the realm of absurdity pretty quickly. Prime example: I just found out that a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth is a real thing. So there's that.

So for your Tuesday amusement, enjoy this list of strange food fears you probably didn't know existed (unless you're really into trivia or actually have one of them):

#1. Lachanophobia -- Fear of vegetables


If only I'd known this was a thing when I was a young'un.

#2. Deipnophobia -- Fear of dinner conversations


This phobia was definitely created by a Millennial.

#3. Acerophobia -- Fear of sourness


Mom, that's so not funny.

#4. Mageirocophobia -- Fear of cooking


My dad definitely has this.

#5. Phagophobia -- Fear of swallowing


Just gonna bite my tongue on this one.

#6. Consecotaleophobia -- Fear of chopsticks


Does it count as a phobia if you're embarrassed you still don't know how to use them?

#7. Geumophobia -- Fear of taste


I mean... sometimes, you just don't know what to expect.

#8. Arachibutyrophobia -- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth


Water, I need water.

#9. Thermophobia -- Fear of hot things


Hot things hurt. We're bordering on valid here.

#10. Alektorophobia -- Fear of chicken


I guess overcooked, dry chicken can be pretty scary.