A busy family of foodies slows down to enjoy an open-air summer picnic on the California shore with great friends and a fresh, fabulous, menu.
Collard Green Slaw with Anchovies
Carrot-Farro Salad
Mixed Louie Salad
Pork Rillettes
Coconut-Tapioca Parfaits

Growing up on the West Coast left an indelible impression on Brooke Williamson, a chef who's made waves on TV as a finalist on Bravo's Top Chef and as a star of MTV's House of Food. When she's not in the kitchens of the three restaurants she co-owns with chef/husband Nick Roberts, she's enjoying time on the beach with family and friends near her Los Angeles home. At beach picnics, Williamson serves light, fresh summer fare--such as Carrot-Farro Salad, Mixed Louie Salad, and Collard Green Slaw with Anchovies--family style, and handheld delights like Pork Rillettes sandwiches and Coconut-Tapioca Parfaits.