For this casual menu, follow the popular nothing-to-it party concept we pioneered in a 1969 story: Place each dish at a separate station so guests will move and mingle as they serve themselves. (Serves 8-10)
Jicama with Chili Salt
Indian Relish
Cream Cheese Crackers

Pop-open Barbecue Clams
Peppered Salmon
Grilled Merlot Lamb
Cold Asparagus

Hollandaise Sauce
Strawberries with Sour Cream Dip

All the foods can be picked up to eat, so there's no need for plates or forks.

Double the recipes for the clams and the strawberries. Serve the peppered salmon with drained capers, minced red onion mixed into sour cream, thin toast, and lime or lemon wedges.

Cut the lamb into thin slices and let guests tuck pieces into wedges of pocket bread along with a sauce of yogurt mixed with chopped fresh mint and garlic.

Dip cool asparagus spears into the warm or cool hollandaise, and strawberries into the lemon-flavor sour cream.