In this collection of salads--handsomely presented as a buffet--vegetables, grains, yogurt, legumes, and fruit provide sound, balanced nutrition. (Serves 6)
Asparagus and Beet Salad
Sweet Pea Salad with Coconut
Black-Eyed Pea Salad
Corn and Zucchini Raita
Bread Basket

Buttermilk Cooler
Mangoes with Pistachios

Updated: October 12, 2014

However, chances are you'll be so attracted to the bright colors, contrasting textures, and play of flavors, you'll never notice.

Game plan: Ready-to-use ingredients and make-ahead steps will ease the cooking demands. Make the asparagus and beet salad and the raita up to a day ahead. The remaining salads and the dessert can be assembled at least 4 hours ahead. Whirl up the buttermilk cooler just before serving. It can be served as the beverage with the meal or as a refreshing aperitif.