If you're the ring leader of a turkey day gathering, you might try choosing a fun flavor theme to help guests choose a recipe to bring. For example, themes could be traditional, low-country, or as we've done here – Italian. Plan on making the Sesame-Crusted Turkey Mignons and angel hair pasta yourself. Guests can bring the other dishes. They are all easy to tote. Ask folks who shy away from cooking to bring wine, or crusty loaves of bread and olive oil for dipping, or a CD of Italian tunes. Serves 8.
Lemon-Basil Antipasto

Baby Elephant Ears Procençale
Caesar Salad
Sesame-Crusted Turkey Mignons (To serve 8, make 2 recipes)

•Angel hair pasta

Carrot Cake with Madeira Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream
Raspberry Tiramisù Bites

By: Shirley Harrington, Senior Food Editor