With our savvy make-ahead tips, you'll be prepared to entertain with ease. (Serves 12)
Onion Frittata Bites
Shrimp Napa Wraps
Creamy Chicken-Mushroom Crepes
Mixed Berry Crepes
White and sparkling wine
Credit: Randy Mayor; Melanie J. Clarke

Make-Ahead Strategy

Up to two months ahead:
• Make and freeze crepes.

Up to three days ahead:
• Prepare and refrigerate sauce for shrimp wraps.
• Chill wine.

The day before:
• Steam cabbage leaves for shrimp wraps; refrigerate in a zip-top plastic bag.
• Cook and refrigerate noodles, vegetable mixture, and shrimp for shrimp wraps; store separately.
• Bake and refrigerate frittata.
• Prepare and refrigerate fillings for crepes.

Last minute:
• Reheat frittata; cut into pieces, and garnish.
• Reheat crepes and chicken filling.