Throw a no-fuss holiday party with easy food everyone loves–and a surprising alternative to eggnog.

Merry Cranberry Margaritas

Bean and Chicken Taquitos
Credit: Photo: Andrea M. Gómez; Styling: Miranda Jones

Time it Plan for three to four cocktails per person for a two- to three-hour party.
Tap it Offer water (you know, the almost-free stuff that comes out of the faucet) along with your signature cocktail. Chill it in pitchers, and garnish with fresh citrus slices, basil, or mint.
Simple sides Put out a few dips and nibbles to go with the main dish. Guests will love guacamole, salsas, jicama strips with lime and cayenne, spicy toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and jalapeño-stuffed olives.
Maximize it Serve up lots of just a few items. Trust us: No one's going to miss a thing once you bring out a platter of taquitos and sides.