Credit: Photo: Photo: Beck Luigart-Stayner

Game Plan
Up to 2 days ahead:
• Marinate flank steak.
• Cook and chill polenta.

Up to 1 day ahead:
• Cut and freeze watermelon.
• Bake corn cups.
• Make salsa shrimp salad.
• Prepare wasabi mixture.
• Cook mushroom mixture.
• Cook steak.

1 hour ahead:
• Broil polenta.
• Slice steak and let stand at room temperature.

30 minutes ahead:
• Top polenta with reheated mushrooms and cheese.
• Assemble beef teriyaki crisps.
• Fill corn cups with shrimp salad.

As guests arrive:
• Top cups and crisps with fresh herbs.
• Prepare Bellinis.