Serve Caribbean and African-inspired dishes before Santa arrives this year. (Serves 8)
Citrus Batida
Slow-Roasted Pork
Caribbean Rice and Peas
Rutabaga-Carrot Mash
Winter Fruit-and-Cucumber Salad
Sweet Potato Crème Brulée


Treat your family and your close friends to dishes with Caribbean and African flavors. Ordinary ingredients such as pork, rice and citrus fruit are seasoned with pantry staples and easy-to-find ingredients such as chili powder, allspice, and coconut milk. Chef Marvin Woods of Hollywood, Florida contributed several of his wonderful recipes for this holiday menu, which is great for a laid-back Christmas Eve gathering. Each recipe is perfect to serve buffet style and easy to eat while balancing a plate on your lap. So fill your plate, find a comfy chair, and be joyful.