Set up a dining table on the porch or under a shady tree in the backyard and celebrate the day with this elegant but easy menu. Make the rolls up to a month ahead, and freeze. Up to a day ahead, prepare and chill the soup, and salad dressing; caramelize the onions for the pudding, and make the pastry cream for the tarts. Bake the tart shells up to a day ahead as well, but store at room temp – ready to assemble and chill on Easter morning. Sweet Onion Pudding can be assembled and baked in the oven while the lamb is on the grill. (Serves 8)
Asparagus Soup
Mushroom, Apple, and Goat Cheese Salad
Grilled Leg of Lamb
Sweet Onion Pudding
Hot Pecan Peas
Quick Yeast Rolls
Coconut Cream Tarts with Macadamia Nut Crusts
Sangría Blanco