Main Dishes and Entrées

Getting dinner on the table is easy with these main dishes and entrées. Recipes from our test kitchens professionals are designed to inspire – whether you are entertaining or cooking at home.

Staff Picks

Spicy-Sweet Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

In under 30 minutes, you can dress crispy bacon wrapped shrimp in brown sugar, paprika, and smoked red pepper for a dynamically delicious appetizer. This combinatioin of spicy, sweet, smooth, and crunchy will keep you grabbing for more.  
By Nicole McLaughlin

Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Sharp cheddar, white cheddar, and cream cheese make this cheese sauce ultra creamy, while hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce help round out the rich, cheesy flavors. This stovetop recipe will have you wondering why you ever enjoyed mac and cheese any other way. 
By Nicole McLaughlin

Easy Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas with Celery Salsa

Ideal for buffalo chicken lovers, this enchilada bake is rich, creamy, and spicy, making it the perfect dinnertime indulgence.
By Nicole McLaughlin

Sheet Pan Orange Chicken with Garlicky Green Beans

Rating: Unrated
Make Orange Chicken that's cheaper, fresher, and more delicious than Chinese take-out. Believe it or not, all you need is sheet pan to make sticky, orange-glazed chicken and crisp green beans. If you can't find French green beans, blanch regular green beans for 2 minutes, dry them, and proceed with the chili sauce. Don't skip broiling the dish at the end-- that's what quickly glazes the chicken and gives the green beans that irresistable crunchy-yet-tender texture. 
By Paige Grandjean

Cabernet-Braised Beef Short Ribs

Cooking short ribs in red wine delivers an unbelievably rich sauce perfect for spooning over noodles. Serve with a chunk of bakery bread so that you don't miss a drop of the delicious sauce. 

Cheeseburger Omelet

Rating: Unrated
Take all of the glory of a bacon cheeseburger topped with caramelized onions and served with French fries (and ketchup, of course), wrap all of it up in fluffy eggs, and pal, you have yourself one heck of a cheeseburger experience. This ridiculously delicious omelet is appropriate served at any hour of the day and is an excellent use for leftover burger fixin's, if you have them. Note: This recipe provides for 3 times as many burgers and caramelized onions as you'll need for a single omelet. If you don't use them for additional omelets, you can always enjoy the leftovers as regular ol' caramelized onion burgers. 
By Robin Bashinsky

Meatloaf Bundt Cake

When you thought meatloaf couldn’t go more retro, we found a way. Spiced with Creole seasoning, garlic powder, and butter-coated vegetables, this meatloaf recipe finds it’s home in a bundt pan. This traditional recipe truly takes the cake and will be at the center of attention at any dinner party. And like any good cake, our meatloaf needs proper frosting and decor. Thus, we finished our tomato-glazed meatloaf bundt with a drizzle of gravy, freshly piped mashed potatoes, crispy onions, and a sprinkle of finely chopped fresh parsley. Oh, and we filled the center with French onion dip… because it felt like the right thing to do. Dinner is served.
By Katherine Flynn

Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich with Horseradish Sauce

We are not thinkin' Arbys-- not after a roast beef sandich like this one. A classic creamy cheese sauce makes this sandwich super rich, while a horseradish sauce adds a kick. We love the onion bun, preferably bakery-made, but you could also use a pretzel bun instead. Make this sandwich the centerpiece of your Super Bowl Spread or serve along with beer and fries for a crowd-pleasing meal.  
By Robby Melvin

Asian Chicken Thighs

Serve these saucy chicken thighs over cooked noodles with a side of steamed broccoli for a well-rounded meal. Finishing the chicken thighs in the broiler to ensure a crispy outside and juicy on the inside. 

"Ham" for Two

Rating: Unrated
Holiday ham leftovers take weeks to finish. Instead, prepare a basic one pound pork tenderloin just as you would prepare a ham. The result is a traditionally brined, brown-sugar-coated "ham" for two in just one day. It even comes out pink! This recipe uses pink brining salt from Williams Sonoma, but you could use Prague #1 instead. 
By Robin Bashinsky

Orange Chicken Skewers with Jalapeño-Mint Yogurt Dip

Packed full of bright citrus flavor, this dish makes for a perfect fuss-free weeknight dinner. Feel free to make the creamy yogurt dip in advance to speed up the prep on this fast and fresh dinner even more. Tangy Greek yogurt and fresh mint are a refreshing balance to the heat of a jalapeño, but to tame the spice a bit more, simply remove the seeds of your jalapeño before dicing and stirring into the yogurt. This recipe serves 2, but is easily doubled to serve more (or if you want to make sure you have leftovers). If you are using wooden skewers, be sure to soak them in cold water prior to grilling. 
By The Food Gays

Butternut Squash Noodles

This dish tastes as good as it looks. You can purchase pre-spiralized squash noodles at many grocery stores, so don't worry if you don't have a spiralizer. Trust us, you won't miss the carbs with these easy butternut noodles.
By Karen Rankin

Inspiration and Ideas

19 Caesar Salad Recipes

Traditional Caesar salad is characterized by that tangy, so-good-that-it’s-addictive dressing— but that’s not the only way to do it. Different greens provide different flavor and you can add protein or additional citrus. If you’re crazy about Caesar salad, our variations will only add to your love of this classic dish!

DIY Classic TV Dinners

TV dinners used to be quick ready-made meals that were popped in the microwave or the oven before everyone gathered around the tube to watch some prime-time television. These meals were classic meat and two's or comforting casserole dishes like baked macaroni and cheese. Because the nostalgia is too delicious to pass up, these DIY meals are the perfect solution for that TV dinner craving without the pre-made packaging or iffy ingredients. 

Penne Alla Vodka Pizza

You are sure to love this irresistible pie that combines 2 favorites: vodka pasta and homemade pizza.