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It’s that time of year! Halloween is quickly approaching and we all know what sorts of fun, trickery, and excitement this brings. When I was a kid, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays because of one very important reason: FREE CANDY. Let’s be completely honest−a holiday solely dedicated to putting on ridiculous outfits, and knocking on random strangers doors with your friends just so the nice old couple or the completely Halloween adorned soccer mom could reach out and hand you a fist-full of candy was AWESOME. I’m sure you all remember those days quite fondly and can join me in this reminiscing moment I’m having here.

Halloween is still just as fun for me as it was then. I like to channel my inner child and treat myself to some Halloween candy just for the fun of it, but now my world has opened up to the endless possibilities of Halloween party planning, decorating, and baking delicious treats for friends and family.


If you’re like me, and your creative juices don’t seem to flow quite as fast as others, I recommend you check out this brand new book. Published by Oxmoor House and branded by our friends at Gooseberry Patch, A Ghastly-Good Halloween is the perfect place to completely loose yourself in Halloween goodness. This book is chocked full of 201 spooktacular recipes, to-die-for decorating ideas, costume ideas, crafts, and party planning tips. What are you waiting for? It’s not too late to still get in the Halloween spirit!

Since clearly food has always been the number one reason why I love Halloween, take a look at some of my favorite recipes from A Ghastly-Good Halloween that you’ll surely want to sink your teeth into:


I recommend the Boo-tiful Pumpkin Cake, which is the perfect crowd-pleaser for your Halloween party. A huge glob of orange colored frosting oozing over the sides of this cake along with a green frosting-smothered ice cream cone give this pumpkin a freaky inedible illusion. How long will you let it stay flawlessly crafted?

Cemetery Cookie Dessert
Credit: Oxmoor House

If a giant pumpkin cake is not your thing, then let me draw your attention to this Cemetery Cookie Dessert. This is a chocolate lovers paradise. Let cool, light, and delicious whipped topping and crushed sandwich cookies melt in your mouth as you indulge in this wickedly-wonderful dessert. It will look almost too cute to eat, but your taste buds will eventually get the best of you.

Halloween is fun for all ages! Whether you’re planning a party, finding that perfect costume for your kids, or need some ideas to decorate your home, you can find just the right amount of Halloween spirit when you open up A Ghastly-Good Halloween.

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