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My fiancé is a golf professional, which means that weekends are basically just a continuation of the standard workweek. His days off are mixed up week to week and the hours can be pretty difficult to work around. That being said, we have to get creative with our date nights.

I’ve been on a constant cooking kick ever since I started working at MyRecipes so I thought what better way to have a date night than to cook a brand new dish and actually sit down at the table together and enjoy a meal. My experiment? Turkey Sausage Lasagna accompanied by a simple romaine salad, garlic bread, and a recipe for So-Good Brownies.


In the midst of my cooking prep for the Turkey Sausage Lasagna, I discovered how to do 3 things for the first time:

  1. Chop an onion–I did, in fact, reference the how-to video on our site for chopping an onion. Very helpful!
  2. Peel and mince garlic cloves­–I made the shocking discovery that a CLOVE of garlic is actually one of the numerous sections of a massive BULB of garlic. Major “light bulb” above my head moment, folks. No pun intended…
  3. Remove casings from Italian sausage–I kind of stared at the sausage for a while wondering if there was some easy way to just start peeling the casing off similar to the onion and garlic but alas, I had to use a knife and cut a line down one of the sides to begin to pull it off. Who knew!

My fiancé said that it was “seriously one of the best meals he’s had a in a long time,” and I am confident that this recipe will reappear in our kitchen in the future.

On a dessert note, the brownies were a huge hit as well. Served alongside two scoops of vanilla ice cream, it was the perfect way to end such a delicious date night.


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