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It’s hard to resist a desire for Mexican food. If we’re frank with ourselves, we know that the indicator driving our resilient cravings is not the taco, burrito, or quesadilla. No, it’s the salty, savory, and so incredibly delicious basket full of tortilla chips that are looming as soon as we sit down at the table. Oh, and did I mention the must-have sides of salsa, guacamole, and queso? Hungry yet? I'm already way ahead of you.


I ALWAYS splurge on chips and dip at Mexican restaurants. Always. It never crosses my mind that I am inhaling hundreds upon hundreds of calories every few minutes. As I sat here looking through Cooking Light’s new book, “Oops!” I stumbled across a spread portraying how many calories I consume when partaking in eating a basket of tortilla chips, including the yummy trimmings associated with them. Folks, the numbers are shocking.As it turns out, our Cooking Light friends measured chip baskets and found that a quarter-basket represents about a 1-ounce serving (1 ¼ ounces exactly). This seemingly practical portion contains 169 calories. Not to mention, the extra salt you tend to saturate atop their already sodium-enriched texture. And here come the real calorie gluts: the ever-so tempting fixings that every chip lover craves. A 2-tablespoon serving of salsa has 10 calories, guacamole comes in at 50, and queso clocks in at 70.

See how quickly calories can add up? Maybe next time I attend my local cantina, I’ll remember this and think hard before I look to gorge on an entire basket of tortilla chips with mounds of my favorite side: queso. Or maybe not...? Oops!

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