Find out what others are saying about the first MyRecipes cookbook: America's Favorite Food.
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America's Favorite Food
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“…its potential excites me. This is because cooking has never been something you can learn from reading. You have to do it. It's also mighty helpful to watch someone do it who really knows what they're doing. Beautifully styled cookbooks are fun to look at, but often they don't offer advice for getting raw ingredients onto our plates. For cooks like me who aren't often standing next to Mom in the kitchen, this might be the next best thing.”

“The coolest part about this cookbook is its Scan-It/Cook-It features that allow readers access to helpful recipe-enhancing multimedia content on their mobile or tablet device without ever leaving the kitchen.”

America’s Favorite Food review was featured on alongside an action shot of its digital components. The reporter said she “particularly appreciate the sidebars on some of the recipes that feature the comments that cooks have left online. When I use recipes from sites like My Recipes, I always read the comments from those who have made the recipe and often find great advice in those comments.”

"The Daily Meal took an exclusive look at some of the sample chapters from America’s Favorite Food to test out the Scan-it/Cook-it™ feature. After downloading the Digimarc Discover app and trying out the Scan-it feature, it was easy to see how effortless and helpful this feature is; the speed at which we were able to access the digital content was extraordinary, and makes the home cooking experience easier and more enjoyable."

Brian Baker, The Daily Meal

"America's Favorite Food is the perfect example of cookbook evolution. More than just recipes and mouthwatering pictures, it's full of icons that guide you through your choices, whether you're looking for a low-calorie, gluten-free dish or simply something to throw on the grill. But my favorite feature has to be be the Scan-It/Cook-It technology. You can thumb through the book, see what other reader's have said about the dish and then immediately pull up helpful techniques on your phone. That's the kind of technology that's not only fun, but most importantly, helpful!"

Regan Jones,, Nutrition Communications/Food Marketing

"America's Favorite Food is just what a cookbook should be-- great recipes presented in a multi-media format that practically guarantees success. You see a recipe you like, scan it with your phone, and get how-to video instructions on technique. Its like having an expert at your beck and call. And, most important of all, the recipes are great-- I know, because my husband, David Bonom, created a slew of them-- and I tasted every single one!"

Cooking Instructor and Food Writer, Marge Perry, A Sweet and Savory Life and MyRecipes Ask The Expert contributor

"This book is really cool-- it's the new frontier of cookbooks. As a recipe developer and contributor to so many of the recipe in the book, I love all the links to videos on technique that guarantee my recipes will turn out right."

Chef and recipe developer, David Bonom

"Wow! This is more than a really good cookbook; it's a delightful interactive experience. With nothing more than a phone in your hand, you get a plateful of culinary school wisdom, timesaving tips, and menu planning. Confidence in the kitchen is a bonus for dessert."

Cookbook author and food writer, Rebecca Lang, Quick-Fix Southern and Around the Southern Table