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By Jeff Lewis, Contributing Editor

Join us each day as our team of editors and contributors cook through the MyRecipes America’s Favorite Food cookbook, out September 11, 2012.


Sauteed Tilapia with Lemon-Peppercorn Pan SauceCooking is a challenge when you live with the reality of having three roommates and two dogs in a house with a kitchen that is more "cramped galley" than "palatial food arena." In the search for a quick cure for a grumbling stomach, takeout tends to be the unfortunate default solution. Or, in the case of my fellow housemates, eating someone else's CLEARLY MARKED leftovers also works.

Noticing the chicken parmesan I'd been saving for dinner tonight was conveniently missing from the fridge, the urge struck me to ditch the to-go menus, break out the non-stick pan and endeavor to try cooking something myself. I'm a self-admitted die-hard seafood fan, with fish being at the top of the list. Browsing through my copy of the America's Favorite Food cookbook, I found love at first sight on page 122. And the name of my femme fatale? Sautéed Tilapia with Lemon-Peppercorn Pan Sauce! There was no going back. My mind was made up on the menu and there was no way I was going to share.

Once I committed to making the meal and started pulling out the ingredients, I got that little tug of anxiety that said, "it always looks easier on TV."


Plain Kitchen Ingredients


Jazzed Up IngredientsLuckily, the easy directions and simple recipe steps made it amazingly easy cook. In about 15-20 minutes I had salted, peppered, dredged, seared and drizzled my way to an awesome dinner.


Frying Up Nicely


Delicious Fish Perfection


Disco the Grumpy Dog Didn't Get A PieceI have to say that next to the dish itself, my favorite thing about the experience was that I could scan the recipes with my smart phone to open a variety of how-to cooking videos and tips that I desperately needed. As someone who has burned many things left on the stove while Google-ing how to cook in the next room, being able to get the information right there in the kitchen was a lifesaver.

TheMyRecipes America’s Favorite Foodcookbook hits stores on September 11, 2012. Order your copy fromAmazon orBarnes & Noble (ebooks are available!) and Cook the Book with us on your blog! #CooktheBook