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Join us each day as our team of editors and contributors cook through the MyRecipes America’s Favorite Food cookbook, out September 11, 2012.

Let’s cut to the chase. My favorite food is chocolate. I’m sure you all know that icebreaker question by heart now: “What’s your favorite food?” Well, chocolate is always my first, number one, and only answer.

If this response hits home for you as well, then it will be no surprise when I say that I chose to make these yummy Brownie Buttons from MyRecipes’ first cookbook America’s Favorite Food.


Having just graduated from college, I can honestly say that I struggle with cooking. I lived in a dorm room for all four years with a very convenient meal plan so cooking my own meals was few and far between. This recipe was a great starting point for me because it had less than 5 ingredients, and was extremely simple to make. Now, I have a great new dessert idea!

The process was very simple. I lined the mini muffin pan, broke the refrigerated brownie dough into pieces and filled the cups almost to the top. I popped them in the oven for 20 minutes and then lightly pressed two of my favorite candies−Reeses and Rolos− into the center of each one. It was almost too easy. Side note: My brownies turned out a little darker because I used dark chocolate brownie batter.


If you find yourself in my situation where you don’t know what to make because your cooking skills are lacking, try this recipe! I’m learning that cooking really is just simply following the directions and having the confidence that you can do it. And then of course, finding lots of friends to help you eat your dessert. (I lied, THAT was the easiest part of this process!)

After I finished baking my tasty treats, I used the Digimarc Discover app on my smartphone to scan the photo of the brownies in the cookbook, which took me directly to MyRecipes.com and gave me 17 more of their best brownie recipes. Guess what just got put on my to-do-list? A whole lot of baking…

I think it’s safe to say that these Brownie Buttons were a huge hit for me, and I hope that when you try this recipe, you will feel the same!

The MyRecipes America’s Favorite Food cookbook hits stores on September 11, 2012. Order your copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble (ebooks are available!) and Cook the Book with us on your blog! #CooktheBook