If you're a parent who loves writing sappy notes in every lunch box you pack, Bill Ivey may just be your new role model.

From a glance, Ivey seems like a pretty standard 21st century American dad. Currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama, Ivey is a brand strategist and father to five "better than average-looking" children (according to his Instagram bio). Each morning, he helps his children get ready for school--a job typical of most parents--which involves packing their lunches. As part of their sack lunch, Ivey likes to write a short note to each child to make their day a little brighter.

“The goal is to make them laugh, or smile, or think,”, Bill told in an interview last winter. “I never really intended for this to be a thing. I posted one of the napkins a few weeks ago because I thought it was funny.”

Ivey has written daily notes to his children for years, but last November on a whim, he began posting some of the messages on his personal Instagram account. What happened next was anything but ordinary.

People began sharing, liking, and commenting on Ivey's posts like crazy. Since those first few posts last November, Ivey has become somewhat of a viral social media sensation--wracking up thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook where he shares images of his clever notes using the hashtags #napkinnotes and #napkinisms. He recently started site to document his journey that he also uses as a ministry of sorts by encouraging users to write their own Napkinisms. When a user posts a napkin note, Ivey will rewrite the note and share it with a child in need. Since its founding, Napkinisms has encouraged nearly 2,000 children through sharing a simple lunch box note to make their day a little brighter.

Here are some of our favorite of Ivey's #napkinisms.