Our little fella turns 6 months old this weekend, and at his checkup this week, the pediatrician gave me the green light to give Parker just about any food he wants (except honey) in the next 6 months.


Up until now, we've been trying jars of organic baby food to see what he's interested in (among favorites are apples and carrots). But I must admit, the idea of making baby food has crossed my mind. And just like every other baby topic, there are THOUSANDS of products, sites, and blogs dedicated to it. It's SO overwhelming!


(photo c/o

With just a little research, I came across some products from Williams-Sonoma that looked interesting...


But moms out there, I need your help! Do you make your baby food? Or do you go with jars? I would LOVE to get your advice on the best recipes, products, and storage solutions! Thanks in advance, and stayed tuned for more updates on the great baby food adventure.