10 Tasty Teachers Gifts to Say Thanks After a Really Hard Year

With back to school on the horizon, give your kids’ heroes a boost.
By Stacey Ballis
August 11, 2021
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Kid sign teacher
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Teachers have been through it this past year and a half, and as you start to look at sending your kids back into school, acknowledging them with a small gift is a nice way to honor their service. These fun food-themed treats for your favorite educators are affordable at under $30. I taught high school for four years at the beginning of my career, and any of these gifts would have thrilled me! Here are our top 10 gifts for the teachers in your kids' lives.

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Yeti tumbler
Credit: Courtesy YETI

YETI Rambler

The top two things most teachers need all day long are hot and cold drinks. YETI's Rambler series includes bottles with leak-proof hot shot caps for ease of drinking that warming beverage, or tumblers with their Magslider lids for hot or cold hydration.

Buy it: YETI Rambler 18 ounce Bottle with Hot Shot Cap ($29.99), amazon.com 

Buy it: YETI Rambler 20 ounce Tumbler with Magslider Lid ($29.99), yeti.com

Rind dried fruit
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

RIND Snacks

Quick snacks between classes are essential for keeping up your energy for teaching but finding things that are actually good for you can be a problem. Get your teachers this healthy and delicious variety pack of dried fruits. Three different flavors come in this set: Strawberry and Pear, Coconut Watermelon, and their Orchard Blend. Perfect thing to keep in the desk drawer for a fast nibble.

Buy it: RIND Snacks Dried Fruit Superfood Variety Pack with Straw-Peary, Coco-Melon, Orchard Blend ($18.99), amazon.com 

Jelly Fries a Fish for Dinner
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Jelly Fries a Fish for Dinner Story Book

If your kids are young enough that story time is still a part of their school day, pick up their teachers a copy of this utterly charming tale by chef Jennifer Booker. Jelly Fries a Fish for Dinner takes young Jelly from fishing for her supper to learning how to cook it with her grandmother, and there are recipes included! Sweet illustrations support this book that has a lot to say about how food connects us in all sorts of ways.

Buy it: Jelly Fries a Fish for Dinner ($12.95), amazon.com 

Bentos containers
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Bento Lunch Container

Teachers almost always bring their own lunches at least a few days a week, and that can often be a chore. Make lunchtime fun and portable with this easy to pack and carry bento box, with containers for everything they need and a set of utensils—all in an insulated carrying case.

Buy it: Bento Lunch Container with Utensils & Lunch Bag ($20.99), amazon.com 

Fannie May
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Fannie May Chocolates

If the teacher in question has a sweet tooth (and I never met a teacher who didn't), give them a better choice than the usual suspects from the vending machine. Fannie May premium chocolates offers a trio that gives them the choice of caramel/pecan Pixies, Mint Meltaways, and the supremely craveable peanut-butter-filled Buckeyes.

Buy it: Fannie May Milk Chocolate Premium Bag Trio 6 bags ($26.94), amazon.com 

Poblano flakes
Credit: Courtesy Food52

Los Poblanos Chile Flakes

If you know the teacher can take the heat, gift them this beautiful pair of organic chile flakes. They'll enjoy chile verde flakes, which bring a vegetal heat to anything they sprinkle it on, and chile rojo flakes, which have a wonderful earthy smokiness. Just the thing to up the ante on a cafeteria meal or a dish they bring from home. In adorable hasp-lid jars for easy storage.

Buy it: Los Poblanos Organic Chile Flakes, Set of 2 ($24), food52.com 

DASH Popcorn popper
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

DASH Popcorn Popper

Most teachers spend a lot of long hours in their classrooms before students arrive or long after they leave for the day, prepping and grading and gearing up for the next day. So, give them a chance to make a delicious snack during those extra non-teaching hours! Dash makes an adorable air popcorn popper that can pop 8 cups in no time, no oil required. Small enough to fit in a cabinet or coat closet, this might just be the ideal small appliance every teacher needs in their classroom.

Buy it: Dash Turbo POP Popcorn Maker ($24.99), amazon.com 

Teeccino teas
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Teeccino Herbal Teas

A lot of teachers I know have a time of day they stop drinking caffeine to protect their sleep patterns, but still love a hot rich beverage in the afternoon. I love these roasted herbal tea drinks from Teeccino: caffeine-free but with a wallop of flavor leaning in a very coffee direction, with great flavors like hazelnut. They steep like tea for ease but taste much like a brewed cup of coffee.

Buy it: Teeccino Herbal Tea Variety Pack ($19.97), amazon.com 

Bobo Oatmeal Bars
Credit: Amazon

Bobo's Oat Bars

Having a healthy way to grab some protein on the go can be complicated, especially since a lot of bars can feel like punishment. Bobo's Oat Bars land perfectly halfway between an oatmeal cookie and a granola bar. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, but with flavors that will satisfy anyone. I love this variety pack with half Almond Butter and half Chocolate Chip flavors.

Buy it: Bobo's Chocolate Chip Oat Bars, ($29.88), amazon.com

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Gold Bond Hydrating Sanitizer

Lastly, teachers were all-in on hand sanitizer long before the pandemic—early adopters for how sanitizers help with regular cold and flu seasons. Which means you can bet that teachers will continue to have a bottle on their desks. I love this herby version scented with energizing rosemary and mint, especially because it is also hydrating, so will help keep their hands soft while protecting against germs.

Buy it: Gold Bond Hydrating Sanitizer with Rosemary and Mint ($17.35), amazon.com