With just 5 weeks to go until our little guy is set to make his debut, I have to look back and laugh at some of the odd (borderline crazy!) things I've done to take care of those pregnancy cravings. Here are some of my strange experiences, and recipes I could have prepared at home to avoid public embarrassment.

Chicken Sandwich Burn: Early on, I was out running errands on a Saturday, and it struck me: I need a chicken sandwich, and I need one now! Who cares if it's 10:30 a.m.? So I casually drove up to the closest fast-food restaurant, went inside (drive thru would take too long!), and ordered. With bag in hand, I looked around, got anxious at the thought of woofing it down in front of others, and proceeded to run to my car. And there I sat: No need to drive anywhere when you can eat in the parking lot! What I did know: The sandwich would be warm. What I didn't know: It would be so hot and I was eating so fast that I burned my lip on the grease (obviously not a grilled sandwich!).


Smoothie Protest:I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with fruit during pregnancy. When we were friends, I had a sudden urge for a smoothie. Not the gas station "slurpy" type, but a healthy, fresh fruit concoction. I wheeled in to the closest smoothie joint, and placed my order, happy it wasn't too far from home. I should have known by the looks on the other customers' faces that this place was not known for efficiency, but what was I supposed to do? After 20 minutes of waiting, I asked the poor soul behind the counter for a refund. His reply, "Just a minute..." Well, I didn't have a minute at that point, so my alter ego let everyone know how ridiculous this was as I stormed out: no refund, and no smoothie. At least the 2 college kids in front of me in line got a kick out of it...I could heat their chuckles from outside!


Ice Cream "Meltdown": One afternoon after work, I made my weekly trip to the dry cleaners, but that day, there was a heavenly aroma coming from, well, the heavens it seemed. I politely asked the man working at the cleaners what it was, and he said they were baking fresh waffle cones at the ice cream shop next door. By the look on his face, I must have been salivating like the Wolf when he saw the 3 Little Pigs, because I sensed he was saving a laugh until I left. Yes, I got the waffle cone. And yes, it was heavenly. And I'm not sure which was funnier: the look the guy gave me or the look my husband gave me when I walked in the door with ice cream on my face!


Cheeseburger in Paradise:While being with child, there have been multiple times when I could have made some extra cash by being a competitive eater, but no one had called me out on it like Betty at the local bbq stop. This particular day, I was with my mom and husband, and I ordered a cheeseburger, as beef was my craving de jour. Long story short, the plates were brought to our table, and 5 minutes later Betty came back to refill and glasses and say, "Wow little lady, you must have been hungry!!!" I swiftly replied, "I'm eating for 2!" Then I stole a few extra fries from my husband's plate as he sunk in his seat.