We’re talking back-to-school essentials like ice packs, thermoses, containers, and more.

By Darcy Lenz
July 23, 2018
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Pottery Barn Kids

There’s no two ways about it, back-to-school shopping is an expensive endeavor. Between new clothes, covering this year’s school supply list, and the fact that no kid is about to carry last school year’s backpack into a new grade without a fight, the costs of getting them back into a classroom rack up quick. You gotta take advantage of the sales where you can.

As luck would have it, Pottery Barn Kids is currently offering a major sale on all of the gear you need for packing the kids’ lunches this school year. Even if you’ve already got new lunch boxes locked down, the real steals here are what goes inside. Yep, I’m talking 30-percent off of lunchtime supplies like bento boxes, stainless steel lidded containers of all sizes, ice packs, reusable snack baggies, and more. 


In addition to being impeccably stylish, these back-to-school buys are made to last through the entirety of the school year—and beyond (you know, as long as your kid doesn’t forget their lunch bag on the bus). Plus, all of the products featured below entail fast and free shipping. So go ahead, save yourself some time/dollars and knock out a little new school year shopping on your lunch break like the savvy parent you are. Here are a few of our editors’ favorite finds. 


Pottery Barn Kids

Freezer Packs, $2.99

Fact: You can never have too many freezer packs. Your kids will accidentally throw no less than four away within the first half of the school year, count on it. Considering these durable, BPA-free ice packs come in a variety of fun colors and shapes for every personality and are on sale for just a few bucks each, might as well stock up now. Choose from collections of pastel kittens + cupcakes, classic heroes + villains (yes, you should buy multiple Yodas from this collection), and dinosaurs + baseball

Pottery Barn Kids

Spencer Bento Box Containers, $11

If you’re not trying to mess around with stuffing a multitude of containers into lunch bags every morning, the bento box lifestyle is for you. Available in a variety of chic color options, this dishwasher-safe container may even be one worth grabbing for your own lunch box. 

Pottery Barn Kids

Stainless Sandwich Cutters, $2.99 - $5

You can’t very well be that parent who bento boxes without being that parent who cuts their kids’ sandwiches into adorable shapes, right?

Pottery Barn Kids

Spencer Clear Food Storage Sets, $11

If you are trying to mess around with packing separate containers filled with ample snacks to get your kiddo through the end of the day, these dishwasher-safe, BPA- and phthalate-free containers are a steal at $11 per set. Each set of stain- and scratch-resistant, lidded containers includes one small, one medium, and one large container. 

Pottery Barn Kids

Spencer Stainless Steel Container Set, $45

Now, if you’re absolutely positive your kid is old enough/responsible enough to most likely avoiding accidentally tossing, leaving, or losing the contents of their lunch box and you’re looking to invest in extra-durable containers for the long haul, you might wanna consider grabbing this set. Each set of four food-safe stainless steel containers includes one mini, one small, one medium, and one large container.

Pottery Barn Kids

Mackenzie Insulated Large Water Bottles, $8.99 - $17

Because hydration is important and picking patterns for these lightweight, insulated bottles (which keep liquids hot or cold for up to six hours) might be the most amusing thing you do today. If the large is going to be a little too much for your kids, these dishwasher-safe bottles are also available in a medium size

Pottery Barn Kids

Utensils and Carrying Case Set, $5

Anyone whose ever experienced the heartache of having roughly 30-percent of their normal household silverware disappear due to packed lunches understands why shelling out five bucks on a designated lunch box set is so worth it. 

Pottery Barn Kids

Mackenzie Reusable Snack Bags, $4.99

A handful of these reusable baggies can replace hundreds of plastic, zip-top bags destined for the trashcan each day. The quick-drying bags feature snug Velcro closures and are easily cleaned in the dishwasher. If you’re not digging the cloth design, you can opt for silicone at a slightly higher price. And should you decide to go all-in on the reusable lunch gear, definitely grab one or two of these kid-friendly, cloth napkin sets (5 napkins each) for $6.99