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Now that I've graduated from college and moved back in with my family, I'm making dinner more often than I used to. I wanted to get into cooking when I was in college, but, as you've probably heard from other students, sometimes there just isn't the time or the space for it. I'd reach for the microwaveable options at the grocery store or eat on campus. But now I do have the time for it, and the resources as well!

Sometimes my family gets in this routine of eating the same meals over and over again. They're the easy and fast recipes that we know are just going to work. Every time I come across a recipe here at work that I think my family will enjoy, I try to throw it into the weekly dinner menu to change it up a bit. Over the weekend, I chose this meal from our new Easy Meal Maker cookbook.


I chose to make Turkey Tenders for the main dish, and they were paired with Oven-Roasted Sweet Potato Chips. We're not the biggest sweet-potato-eaters, so I subbed in regular potatoes instead. I sliced them as thin as I could, and they were a little soft in the middle and nice and crispy on the edges. I used exactly the same spices and method, and they were so good! Especially dipped in some light ranch dressing. I had to keep myself from snacking on them while making the turkey tenders.


I was one of those kids that ordered chicken fingers at every restaurant my family went to. It didn't matter what kind of restaurant we went to either. I always ordered chicken fingers. We've made them at home before, but it never occurred to me to make them with turkey. That's basically what these Turkey Tenders are, so they immediately jumped out at me while I was flipping through the cookbook. They're breaded in a mixture of panko bread crumbs, grated Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and I threw in some dried tomato-basil seasoning as well. They were really good for dinner, and made excellent leftovers for lunch the next day.


For dessert we had Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches. I skipped making the criss-cross pattern on top, and decided to throw in some chocolate chips just because I had them. What's better than peanut butter and chocolate? Peanut butter, chocolate, and ice cream. Any ice cream flavor that goes well with peanut butter would be incredible for these sandwiches, but I went with plain, old vanilla. You just can't beat it sometimes. My ice cream got a little too warm while I was putting these together, and it really helps to put the sandwiches in the freezer right after you press the second cookie on top of the ice cream. Letting the ice cream re-freeze will also help keep it from squishing out of the sides while biting into the sandwich.

This meal was so easy to put together! The turkey and potatoes don't have to cook for a long time, so everything really comes together after you prepare all the ingredients. It's definitely something I'll be making again!Follow along as we make the meals using the 150 top-rated recipes featured in our newest cookbook, Easy Meal Maker. Want to get in on the fun? Get your copy of Easy Meal Maker, available now, and tweet us @My_Recipes using #MealMaker.