One of my family's favorite dinner traditions is slow-cooked Italian beef sandwiches. It's one of the easiest ways to get everyone around the table and an empty crockpot in record time. Whether it's Superbowl season, someone's birthday, New Years Eve, or just a crisp fall afternoon, I have a lot of memories of the amazing smell of this dish wafting through the air inside our house. We love to use thick French rolls sliced in half, layered with provolone cheese, and then topped with the slow-cooked beef. One of the fun things about this dish is that you can spoon the juice from the crock pot into a cup for each plate as an dipping au jus on the side. You can freeze or refrigerate any leftovers and I almost like it better that way, because the longer all of the spices and flavors meld together the better it tastes. I used to take a frozen container of the leftovers with me when I would go away to school to enjoy later in the week. Here are some more great slow-cooked Italian beef sandwich ideas!

Chicago-Style Italian Beef Hoagies
Pepperoncini Italian Beef Roast

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