Attention, attention! There's some awesome news that's been circulating that we've all been waiting for. If you're a fan of Girl Scout cookies and never miss out on a chance to order them, get excited, because in 2016 you'll be able to order them online! I know. While you will still need to purchase them from a Girl Scout you know, this debut will make it much easier for buyers to order in the modern age, as well as make it that much easier to click "10 boxes" instead of just "1 box" of those Thin Mints. Anything less than 10 boxes of Thin Mints is never enough, anyway, let's be honest. Girl Scouts will be able to give out links to their own personalized websites via a platform called Digital Cookie 2.0, and from there, cookies can be ordered via credit card and can also be purchased as a donation to charity, which sounds like a sweet deal to us. According to the Girl Scouts of America website, the ordering platform is reaching out across the country gradually as the program expands. While purchasing cookies the old fashioned way will still always be an option, we think that Girl Scouts going digital is a great step toward world domination - ahem, I mean - an easier way to purchase our favorite cookies, of course!

For more information, check in with the Girl Scouts of America to see what's new!