June 15, 2013

Traditions: Growing up, Father’s Day always came early at the McNair house. For at least 10 years, my sister and I were constantly racing off to camp during the summer and were gone right on cue for dad's day. To make up for our absence, we threw him surprise parties a week or few days early with gifts, hand-written cards, giant banners, and a favorite meal (with mom’s help, of course). I still remember being at camp and sending Father's Day snail mail, or sneaking a quick phone call to wish him a great one when the actual day arrived. Dad's celebration was forever changing on our calendars, but his easy-going attitude and support for what we loved was relentless.

My sister and I celebrating an early Father's Day.

Food Savvy: Dad is a grilling mastermind. When the Florida weather allows, you can find him outside on the weekends firing up the grill–our sweet yellow lab right next to him, begging to play ball. Dad cooks anything from grilled chicken to steaks, to his signature catfish–all incredibly tasty!  Thankfully, the warm weather lets us enjoy his signature dishes year-round.

He's creative...Dad stoked this Boston Butt to perfection using a makeshift grill above hot coals for an entire day!

Favorite Eats: Some of his favorite meals include a plate of tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs, fried shrimp, steak, and a gooey chicken, cheese, and broccoli casserole. He also has a pretty substantial sweet tooth. (:

What are your plans for Father’s Day? Cooking dad's favorite meal?

Whether creating new traditions or continuing past ones, enjoy the day celebrating your dad!