At my house, September is no ordinary month; it ranks right up there with Christmas. Why, you ask? Because EVERYONE has a September birthday. Crazy, right!? Although we all want totally different gifts, there is one thing we all love: cupcakes! Not that our 1-year-old has a say-so in the type of cake he'll have (it's only a matter of time), but here's our birthday cupcake lineup for the month of celebration!


September 13: My Birthday
On "my day" (as I like to call it), it's all about CHOCOLATE. Heck, it wouldn't bother me to eat chocolate for every meal on my birthday. This is my dream cupcake: Preston Bailey's Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcake with White Frosting. Get the recipe. (photo courtesy of


September 14: Parker's Birthday
Oh, our sweet baby boy is turning 1, and there's nothing cuter than the birthday boy tearing into a mound of sugar! He'll definitely have his own little cake to demolish, but for birthday party guests, I'm planning to treat them with a cupcake cake. This year, I'll leave the baking to the professionals, but you can make your own! Get the pan: Williams-Sonoma The Great Cupcake Pan ($36).


September 29: Scott's Birthday
My husband is the total outdoors man; he loves to hunt, fish, hike...basically any hobby that requires you to be outdoors. So that's why people are surprised to find out how much he LOVES pink (strawberry) cupcakes. He loves them so much, they covered the groom's table at our wedding reception (which coincidentally was 3 years ago on his birthday). So, here's to you, hubby! Get the recipe: Strawberry Cupcakes. (photo courtesy of Coco & Vanilla)