Just when you thought string cheese couldn't get any better, someone takes it, coats it in savory breadcrumbs, and bakes it to melty, golden perfection.


Don't you just love when that happens?

String cheese and I have quite the history. My Mom never purchased it, preferring instead slices of American for our prepackaged, single-serve cheese quota.

It was only when I started babysitting that I realized the magic that string cheese holds. Namely, that tiny, chubby fingers can hold it! Culinary wisdom says that children love anything on a stick. I'd take that one further and say that if it can't be anything but finger food, then it's going to be a huge success.

I'm a fan of string cheese in general because it adds a dose of calcium to the day, is an easy portable snack, and might even replace one sugary indulgence during the day-- all good things in my book. Now that I see you can bake (Bake! Not fry!) a batch of Baked Mozzarella Bites at home for a pizzeria-inspired treat, I might just pick up a package on the way home.

And, of course, the marinara is absolutely necessary.

Happy snacking!

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel