With a bottle of Wing Time, it’s always wing time.
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I recently developed a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Soup, a soup that scratches the itch of my wing addiction. The soup is pretty simple, flavored largely by the addition of wing sauce. Which means you have to use a very delicious wing sauce—that’s why I use Wing Time Buffalo Wing Sauce.

A lot of wing sauces are too spicy or too sweet, not tangy enough and lacking actual flavor. They just blow out your tastebuds with one intense flavor, which is fine for a couple of bites but leaves you feeling kind of overwhelmed after only a few mouthfuls. Wing Time happens to have an ideal balance: a little tang, a little sweetness, a little bite of heat. It’s one of those flavor combos that keeps you going back bite after bite.

Homemade wing sauces are typically made with butter, hot sauce, vinegar, and sometimes a few shakes of worcestershire sauce. Some people add garlic powder or cayenne, or maybe a touch of mustard. But the truth is that most homemade wing sauces don’t have much complexity of flavor. In my experience, homemade wing sauces often just taste like hot sauce because that’s mostly what they are.

Spicy Air-Fried Chicken Drummettes
Credit: Gina DeSimone

Gina DeSimone

That’s not to say that I don’t love a spicy kick—Wing Time comes in a couple of heat levels. I’m partial to medium, but the mild and the hot are both nicely balanced as well. The flavor is not in the heat itself; there are actually distinguishable dimensions—black pepper, a slight vinegary brightness, some fresh chile flavor—for you to enjoy. This layering of tastes is absolutely key to a great wing sauce, whether you’re using it for actual chicken wings, Buffalo chicken soup, or Buffalo dip.

Even if you’re not that into making wings at home, it’s nice to have a bottle of wing sauce around. Here’s why: You can dip leftover chicken in it or add a few drops to basic chicken salad for a much more delicious chicken salad. Dip your pizza crusts in it. Put it on nachos. Drizzle it over garlic knots. Make Buffalo chicken soup. Put it on eggs. Dip fries or roasted potatoes in it. Truly, the possibilities are endless when you are armed with a delicious wing sauce.