Stock your kitchen with these Whole 30 friendly essentials from Aldi to set yourself up for success—without breaking the bank.
aldi food market
Credit: NurPhoto / Getty Images

Since making its debut in the U.S., the popular German grocery chain Aldi has worked its way into the hearts and homes of many Americans with its hard-to-beat prices and high-quality pantry essentials. We paid a visit to this beloved discount grocer in our hunt to find the best, most affordable Whole 30 approved grocery items before resolution season kicks into high gear.

While Aldi doesn’t carry such an abundance of Whole 30 friendly products as fellow popular, budget-friendly brand, Trader Joe’s, the low-cost grocer has some of the best prices you’ll see for Whole 30 essentials like fresh produce, organic meats, and oils, lending a helping hand to those trying to complete the month-long program on a tighter budget. Read on for some of the most outstanding Whole 30 compliant products you’ll find lining Aldi’s shelves and stacks of cardboard boxes.


SimplyNature Organic Coconut Oil – Coming in at just under $5 (note: prices may vary in different locations), this is the lowest price you’re likely to find for this major Whole 30 necessity.

SimplyNature Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Another essential Whole 30 ingredient, this organic olive oil is a total steal at just around $3.99 a bottle.

SimplyNature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – Priced well below other major apple cider vinegar brands, this unfiltered ingredient will be a go-to addition to dressings, marinades, and braising liquids.

Southern Grove Chia Seeds – In addition to boosting the healthy fat and fiber content of any dish these seeds are added to, they can also be combined with compliant nut milks, fruit, and cinnamon to create delicious overnight chia puddings.

Steam and Savor Organic Sweet Potatoes – For those working with limited prep time, these pre-steamed sweet potatoes will reduce your time spent in the kitchen for comforting recipes like mashed sweet potatoes and Gingered Sweet Potato Soup with Toasted Coconut and Pumpkinseeds.

Meats and Seafood:

Appleton Farms Dry-Cured Prosciutto – Unlike most store-bought lunch meats, this prosciutto—made with just pork and salt—is Whole 30 approved, and will be a great addition to Italian dishes and salads like this Melon and Crispy Prosciutto Salad.

Kirkwood Organic Chicken Breasts – Aldi’s organic meat prices for Whole 30 basics like chicken breasts can’t be beat. While prices vary location to location, they’re guaranteed to not make a massive dent in your grocery budget.

SimplyNature Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef – Marked lower than average grocery chain prices, Aldi’s 100 percent grass-fed ground beef is a steal. Stock up on a few packages to keep in the fridge and freezer for recipes like bun-less burgers and Bolognese sauces.

Specially Selected Cold Smoked Salmon – For a slightly discounted price on this higher-end item, pick up this indulgent ingredient and enjoy it with scrambled eggs, onions, and capers for a fancy, bagel-and-lox inspired breakfast.

Sea Queen Wild Caught Pink Salmon Fillets, Specialty Selected Sockeye Salmon Fillets, and Sea Queen Tilapia Fillets – These individually packed and fairly-priced frozen fillets will make preparing a seafood feast both fast and affordable.

Sea Queen Jumbo Easy Peel Raw Shrimp, Large Cooked Shrimp, and Gulf Shrimp – Keep a few bags of these shrimp options in your freezer for easy added protein while whipping up salads, stir frys, and Coconut Shrimp Curry.

Northern Catch Sustainably Caught Chunk Light Tuna – Though not all of Aldi’s canned tuna options are Whole 30 compliant (some contain soy), this sustainable brand’s product is “pole and line caught” and contains just fish, water, and oil.

Sauces and Dips:

SimplyNature Marinara Sauce – Finding a sugar-free bottled Marinara sauce can be difficult, but this organic sauce contains no sugar and will make assembling your spiralized vegetable noodle dishes a breeze.

Unsweetened Applesauce – With a sprinkle of cinnamon, this sweetener-free applesauce will make a great treat at the end of the day, especially considering the limited dessert options Whole 30’s program affords.

Chipotle Lime Salsa – No sugar goes into this organic salsa with a smoky chipotle kick. Serve it on top of Mexican-inspired cauliflower rice bowls, or scoop it straight from the jar with sliced vegetables.

Classic Guacamole and Spicy Homestyle Guacamole – Aldi’s two pre-made guacamole options, prepared with hand scooped Hass avocados, are both program compliant and will make a great addition to dishes like Quick Chicken Fajitas.


Southern Grove Roasted Nuts – While nuts make a fantastic, healthy fat-filled snack, they can also rack up a painful grocery bill. Buying your roasted almonds, pistachios, macadamias, and more in bulk at Aldi’s discounted prices will save you some serious bank.

SimplyNature Raspberry Fruit Strips – Made with 100 percent fruit and perfect for an easy, on-the-go snack, these Fruit Roll-Up alternatives will have you feeling like a kid again.

SimplyNature Sweet Potato Chips – While the Whole30 guide discourages frequent snacking on compliant chips, for those looking for a crunchy splurge, these organic chips made with sweet potatoes and sea salt contain a full serving of vegetables per ounce, making them an indulgence you won’t feel too guilty about.

Southern Grove Dried Mediterranean Apricots and Pitted Dried Prunes – Both of these dried fruits make a great simple snack, and can help to thicken and sweeten sauces and stews.

Simply Nature Freeze Dried Apples and Freeze Dried Peaches – While many of Aldi’s dried fruit products contain added sugar, these freeze-dried options will fulfill your cravings for both sweet and crunchy without breaking with the Whole 30 program.