Selected sweets turned into melted gobs somewhere between Honolulu and home.
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melted chocolate image
Credit: Kimberly Holland

I hopped off a plane after 10 hours of flying, unzipped my suitcase, and pulled out my several boxes of Hawaiian Host Chocolate-Covered Macadamia Nuts. I discovered, to my horror, that they had all melted in transit. Well, not just melted. Melted completely, slid out of their little wells, piled up at the bottom of the box, and solidified again.

How?! My suitcase was with me the whole time, and save a few minutes in the parking lot of the car rental return area, we weren’t in direct sunlight or intense heat.

No matter what happened, the end result, well, it was devastating. In Hawaii, I had purchased enough of the (albeit inexpensive) chocolates to feed my whole family who were anxiously awaiting a little prize from my trip to the island state.

And what did I have to offer them?

Puddles of chalky chocolate.

Needless to say, I couldn’t deliver these gifts to my family, so I had to be quick on my feet. The chocolate was still plenty good, if not unsightly. The texture had turn a bit airy in the melting process. Of course, the macadamia nuts were still plenty crispy. All in all, they weren’t a loss, so I wanted to create something where they could still be used.

Three options came to mind:

  1. Melt them back down and make my own.
  2. Melt the chocolates and combine with other chocolate for a little DIY bark with Hawaiian flare.
  3. Chop the chocolates and sprinkle over brownie batter.

I chose the third option. I had a box of Ghirardelli Chocolate Triple Fudge brownies in my pantry anyway—and we did name them the best Boxed Brownie Mix. Also, melting the chocolate down into the brownies helps hide the fact the melted and cooled chocolate was slightly discolored.

The result: Absolutely divine brownies. It’s a mix of homemade brownies (eh, well, homemade from a box) with a touch of Hawaiian personality, and it certainly delivered at the family reunion.

melted chocolate brownies image
Credit: Kimberly Holland

Kimberly Holland

Now, I do have an extra box or two of the chocolate-coated macadamias left, so I may make that bark after all.

I’ll probably add a few extra macadamia nuts to the mix to make the bark even more decadent. I might even add a few pieces of dried pineapple and toasted coconut for a truly tropical treat. Moral of the story: With a little creativity, even the meltiest food disaster can (usually) be salvaged into something great. Any friend or family members will be happy to have this sweet served up while you share all your beautiful photos of Hawaii. They’ll even appreciate the creativity when you tell them your original plan went all goopy.