By Katelyn Hanley
February 05, 2016

Admit it, we've all been there. After what feel like the longest day ever, you make your way towards the utensil drawer and dig out the biggest spoon you can find -- there is no turning back now. Without any hesitation, you dive (with perfect form, I might add) into a sweet, chocolaty jar of Nutella for some comforting relief. Ahh... chocolate-hazelnut spread to the rescue, yet again. If you haven't heard, today is World Nutella Day! We're so excited that we're spreading the love with these 6 sinfully delicious, must-try, finger-licking (no judgment) Nutella recipes.


  1. Nutella S'mores Dip: We're bring camping indoors with this S'mores skillet. Roasted Nutella S'mores were made for dipping - so don't mind us if we double dip. (Video: How to Make Nutella S'mores Dip)


Nutella and Strawberry Crepes.





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