School's back in session and, let me guess, the kids are already complaining about the monotony of the turkey sandwich you've been stuffing in their lunch boxes. Next week, give them a little surprise with one of these delicious, albeit slightly strange, sandwich combinations. Boring lunch hour was so very last year, anyway.


Nor-Cal Veggie SandwichesThese hearty veggie sandwiches have a delicious secret hidden underneath that pile of greens. Rather than traditional mayo and mustard, a spread of savory hazelnut butter gives the vegetarian stackers plenty of protein and unusual flavor.


Roasted Green Bean, Apple, and Bacon SandwichesThe folks at Southern Living understand that this sandwich may take some explaining, and an open mind. The combination of tender roasted green beans, apples, Parmesan, and a Dijon mustard dressing is worthy of 5 stars, they promise. Let the kids be the judge!


Chicken and Waffle SandwichesIf all else fails, change up the bread! This play on the popular Southern dish is simple enough for busy mornings and potentially picky eaters.

Your kids aren't the only ones heading back to the classroom! Join us for Sandwich School, a new video series of tutorials to learn how to make all of the classic sandwiches, with a twist!