The possibilities are limitless.
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Having a fully stocked spice cabinet is great—if you’re the kind of person who can handle that sort of thing. For me, it generally means having four jars of ground cumin that are likely all past their prime and never being able to find the spice I need even though I swear I just saw it in there the other day. I know I’m not alone in this struggle (Marie Kondo’s name wouldn’t have been made into a verb if I were). I have to believe that it’s people like me—who can’t seem to maintain any harmony with their spice cabinet—are why Trader Joe’s popular Seasoning Salt exists.

It may not have the level of cult dedication that their Everything But the Bagel Seasoning has amassed, but this blend of granulated onion, granulated garlic, sea salt, celery seed, paprika, ground nutmeg, and dry mustard is a multi-trick pony that wants to be your flavor-boosting co-captain. While the endless possibilities of the blend are implied right on the label, it never hurts to have a few specific examples. So here are 31.

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1. Add a dash to your next batch of chicken salad

2. Use it to jazz up a meatloaf

3. Sprinkle some over crispy oven fries

4. Stir it into your dredging mixture for fried chicken

5. Swap it for the dusting of paprika over a platter of deviled eggs

6. Use it to kick up a simple tomato sauce

7. Season your burger patty blend with a couple shakes

8. Amp up a pan of roasted veggies

9. Give your basic grilled chicken a flavor boost

10. Sprinkle over freshly popped popcorn

11. Add some to your meatball mixture

12. Hit your next bowl of guac with a dash

13. Try it to liven up shrimp skewers

14. Use it for seasoning a batch of homemade pita chips

15. Add a dash to your potato salad

16. Tap it for an easy flavor boost on pork chops

17. Stir into plain Greek yogurt for an easy veggie dip

18. Give your rice and beans an instant upgrade

19. Mix it into the breading for baked fish sticks

20. Use a little in your crab cakes

21. Quickly kick bottled BBQ sauce up a notch or add a sprinkling to your own recipe

22. Flavor a shrimp boil in a breeze

23. Use it in place of plain ol’ granulated garlic when making garlic bread

24. Season your ground meat mixture for stuffed peppers

25. Add it to a batch of boiled peanuts

26. Incorporate it into your breading for chicken fried steak

27. Liven up a bunch of steamed broccoli

28. Add a dash to a vat of mac and cheese

29. Mix into softened cream cheese for a flavorful bagel spread

30. Give canned black beans a punch of flavor

31. Sprinkle over a batch of frozen tots, hot out of the oven

And there you have it—now grab your trusty TJ's seasoning salt and get shakin’.