By Erin McFarland
Updated February 28, 2014

As spring looms I’m beginning to panic over the end of soup season. Last September I spent an afternoon poring over our recipe collection and mapped out a to-do list of soups for the winter. I ended up making four of them over and over again and I don’t think I can cook the rest of the pages-long lineup by March 20th. Lucky me—Sunset magazine ran an udon* noodle feature this month and I’ve since decided that silky udon noodles floating in fragrant dashi is the dish to round out my winter.

Udon with Soft Egg and Green Onion

Udon with Soft Egg and Green Onion

*Dried or fresh-frozen udon noodles can be found at well-stocked grocery stores and Asian markets, but for the silkiest, chewiest noodle try making your own. Check out this photo guide, one step of which actually involves standing on top of your dough!