The question is often asked, "is it pimento or pimiento?" In the south we take this cheesy debate pretty seriously, folks. So here's what we know: Pimientos are sweet cherry peppers, ranked one of the lowest and most mild on the Scoville heat index scale. Pimiento is originally a Spanish word that over time evolved into pimento. The derivative of the term actually translates to bell pepper. Who knew? You might have a hard time finding these sweet peppers fresh, but they are jarred and readily available at your local grocery.

So which one is it? Your guess is as good as mine. It would seem that we are a house divided, but in the end, I think we can all agree to disagree -- so let's call it a truce by gobbling up these delicious southern classic recipes. From spreads and dips to mac 'n' cheese and even cookies!

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Pimiento Cheese is a classic spread made from cheese, mayo, and pimiento peppers. If you're not team mayo, you can easily substitute mayonnaise for cream cheese which tastes just as rich and creamy, if not more!

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