Still stuffed from yesterday's eating marathon? I feel ya, but my pants aren't the only thing bursting at the seams. If your fridge, like mine, is piled high with tupperware it's time to get creative and rework your Thanksgiving dinner. Think of it as a game of leftover Tetris.

We have nothing against the perfect post-Thanksgiving sandwiches complete with Monica's "moist maker," but you're bound to tire of them. If come the first week of December, your refrigerator tends to become a Thanksgiving graveyard, try transforming various leftovers into all new culinary creations! Turn leftover mashed potatoes into veggie samosas or cranberry sauce into a fruity creme brûlée. We give you our best ideas here.


And if your amount of turkey per person estimate was wildly inaccurate, we have dozens of ideas to help whittle the bird down here. Happy eating!