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Here at MyRecipes, we have deemed summer 2014 the #SummerofBacon, mostly so we could have an excuse to eat even more of it than usual. Whether candied, floating atop soups, or simply eaten plain, there really is no wrong way to eat the breakfast staple. I'm not reinventing the wheel by telling you how great bacon is, but I am on a quest to take bacon from delicious to completely euphoric.

First, let's start with thick cut bacon. Then, let's candy it. Florida-based sea salt company The Spice Lab recently launched a product that promises to deliver "the best bacon ever." It's a lofty statement, but in their case, completely true. The line of bacon rubs features four brown sugar-and-spice blends: Caribbean Island Jerk, Asian Sesame Sweet & Spicy, Country Style Pepper, and New Orleans Cajun. A teaspoon of rub per bacon slice caramelizes to candied perfection in about 15 minutes. Just think of Country Style Pepper-candied bacon sprinkled over shrimp and cheesy grits. Okay, now stop. It's a dangerous game we're playing if you don't actually have any bacon within arm's reach.

Bacon can do so much more than cozy up to your short stack. Of the almost 2,500 bacon-studded recipes on our site, here are the ones taking us to the aforementioned state of bacon euphoria this summer:


Spicy Bacon and Brew MuffinsThese muffins may be addressed to Dad, but add them to the must-make list for anyone whose ears perk when they hear the words "beer" and "bacon." The rolled oats give me all the justification I need to make them for breakfast.


Bacon-Bourbon Brownies with PecansThere seems to a theme emerging here. Turns out alcohol and bacon are the keys to culinary perfection. If seeing nuts in the recipe title knocked you back to reality, feel free to omit the pecans.


Benton's Bacon-Infused CocktailAnd for the finale, we're blowing straight past sustenance and going in for the nightcap. Two tablespoons of drippings in a 750-ml bottle of bourbon, maple syrup, and bitters are all you need for your new signature cocktail.

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