So, maybe we're all boycotting the oven until that first October wind blows in, but what's summer without a little bit of heat? This week, we're measuring dessert on the Scoville scale and heating things up while cooling down. Nothing like a little shock to the system, right?


Spicy Mango GranitaI'll admit it, I'm a complete wimp when it comes to spice. It's not something I'm proud of, and a trait I'm actively trying to squelch. I'll start with a cool mango granita and slowly but surely start adding red pepper.


Spicy Pineapple SlushSweet pineapple gets a kick from fresh jalapeños in this homemade slush recipe. If you don't have ancho chile powder, use traditional chile powder, but be mindful that ancho chile powder is sweeter and slightly more mild.


Cucumber-Chili-Lime PopsIt's like a day at the spa and a chile eating contest all in one sweat-inducing bite! We suggest not only eating these by the pool but in the pool, so you can take a much-needed dunk when things start to get fiery.

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