If the thought of eating leftover candy makes your stomach turn, you likely overdid it last night. It happens to the best of us! On Halloween, even a bowl of candy large enough for a toddler to sit in looks personal-sized. It’s the magic of the holiday. Let’s take it easy today, and focus on eating things that grow from the ground.

After summer's zucchini and tomatoes have gone, you may think you're in for a long, bland winter. But some of the earth's best bounty is available all the way through the holiday season (which we have officially entered, by the way). The holiday table will be decorated with plenty of tuberous sweet potato dishes, so enjoy some of the lesser-celebrated winter veggies before the holiday madness sets in. Root vegetables, when properly prepared, can satisfy on even the grayest days—this morning's sugar crash for instance!


Root Vegetable MashLast night was a graveyard smash, but today we're paying the price. A rutabaga, celery root, and potato mash may be just what you need now that your jaw is sore from chewing all that caramel-coated and nut-filled nougat.


Roasted Root VegetablesAfter crazy amounts of sugar consumption, we can't be expected to go cold turkey! Roasting root vegetables helps bring out their subtle, natural sweetness.


Sweet Potato-Parsnip LatkesHave you started planning your Thanksgivukkah menu yet? It's only a few weeks away! Fry up a holiday fusion by using sweet potatoes and parsnips in this year's latkes.

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