According to my siblings' exam schedules and the graduation buzz peppering my newsfeed, summertime is nigh. Between weddings, spontaneous long weekend trips, and family vacation, your next few months are likely starting to look like one long ride in the backseat of the car. It's road trip season!

As a kid, the night before our annual 12-hour trek to Virginia we would make a trip to the store for few choice snacks—by choice snacks I mean chocolate and squeeze cheese. The concept of cause and effect isn't part of the decision making process when Mom gives you free rein over the cookie aisle, so four hours and a sleeve of Chips Ahoy into the trip regret always seeped in.

Here, four great homemade snacks to bring on your summer road trips.


Blueberry Shortbread Bites"Bite" is the operative word here, because a one-bite snack means all of the crumbs are falling exactly where they're supposed to, as opposed to the floor, your lap, the dog's open mouth etc.

Power Granola from Cooking Light

Power GranolaYou'll never buy granola again after making this simple protein-packed recipe. It will stay fresh in an airtight container for up to two weeks, so it can join you to and from your vacation destination.


Sweet and Spicy Nut and Pretzel MixThis is the snack to grab come hour five when you think you can't possibly survive another round of Heads Up. Sweet, salty, and just a little spicy, it's enough to keep you entertained until at least the next bathroom break.


Healthful Fruit-and-Nut MixGo ahead and toss a handful of chocolate chips in there. It is a road trip after all!