Let it be known that I had other plans for this post. However, upon looking at a calendar I forgot what they were because today is National Sticky Bun Day. Arbitrary food holiday naysayers, please hold all comments until after your fingers are coated in syrup. Today's a day for celebration, and eventually, a pretty serious stomach ache.

For now, commence slow motion syrup drizzle:


Ham-and-Swiss Sticky BunsThese savory-sweet buns are baked in muffin tins to ensure the tops rise to cheesy peaks before being drizzled with warm syrup—sounds a lot like breakfast, lunch, and dinner to me. In other words, Southern Living has arguably reached the summit of all baked goods.


Quick Sticky BunsIf you've got 20 minutes, you've got sticky buns. Great news for you, if like me, you entered a state of panic thinking you didn't have time to participate in today's festivities. If you've been attempting to find your bliss recently, you're only 5 ingredients away.